Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner ; Ho Ho Ho !

This Christmas meal was fully sponsored thanks to PapaRich.

Hello just a short update :p

Finally my favorite season of the year is here, all jolly and happy ! Gathered with my baby girls to have some bonding time together which we could hardly have nowadays. Oh my my why are we always so busy! And even this meet up we're missing one of them!

#OOTN Spiky colar super love. 
I was in a rush the whole day as I managed to meetup with babe Yukiko for lunch and some last minute x'mas gifts shopping, and thanks to the jam, finally met up with the girls in Paparich Usj19 after speedy dressup. And after the dinner I'm going to another blogger's house party ! So much fun just for a Christmas Eve.

How's my devil horn beanie? My friends went like : "Hey what's that two horn doing there? Are you HORNy?" NO. Actually they are bunny ears lol. 

What's Christmas without loads of pressies? These girls are definitely sweet enough ! Ordered our meal, and somehow I didn't really feel like eating, maybe cause too excited to talk to them. Anyways, I know PapaRich's cheese naan is super nice which I always order when I go to PapaRich. While waiting for our food to arrive, picture taking time!

And.... finally our food arrived. Why my girls so super duper hungry while I'm not ! I guess my hunger really depends on my mood. When I'm sad = hungry. Feed me with food = happy. Happy = not hungry. No wonder boyfie always suddenly appear to me with food when I'm unhappy!! Lolololo Legit?


Till we meet again baby girls! 

How's your Christmas Eve celebration? Any countdown or fireworks? Idk I didn't see any fireworks thou cause boyfie say Malaysia on budget wtf! Anyways I feel the best feeling is to be able to be with your closest friends and family during such warm seasons like this. Merry belated Christmas! 

Cat Beanie from Jessica C | Spike metallic dress from Fblock
//Pictures unwatermarked credits to Krystle C and my Instagram : yeeingng.