Tuesday, October 9, 2012

J.O.E journey and shoot by Zoid Photography

J.O.E stands for Juliets of Eden, which is the name of my new band! If you haven heard of it yet, yes, we are 3 months old now and thank God for everything cause we're starting to get quite a number of invites and projects including from corporate companies. I'm so excited!

Especially for my friends/bros who supported us, doesn't matter if it's just liking our page or came to our performances, so much love for you guys. It's great to have friends like that isn't it? We know who you are!
Check out our page : https://www.facebook.com/julietsofeden We still need more likes from you guys!

So far, we've made our debut at our very own MHB anniversary. I've blogged about it here. Was really glad to have a collaboration with the gorgeous and talented Chelsea Chil, a singer, model, and a cast in an upcoming TV series "The Apartment" on Starworld Astro. We also performed for the second time in the Rawr Gig organized by Darren Teh from An Honest Mistake. So much thanks to Darren for acknowledging us! Also, guess what? Thanks to Sarah, Hennessy clients encouraged us to join the latest audition in running to get to Shanghai! We will need a lot of votes from you guys later on , hahaha! And not forgetting lots of lots of things to be done in this 3 months period, including the Rage contest, and also we'll be coming out with our own MV and own written songs. *breath*


We did our band shoot some time back by Bryan from Zoid Photography. Follow his instagram photo journey : bryzoid, and his page : https://www.facebook.com/Zoidphotography/ . He is so friendly, and we're so sorry I think we had caused him to lose some of his beauty sleep too. Hahaha! If you haven seen the pictures yet, here you go!

//The pictures are all edited by Casey. She's really one hell of a talented designer. She designed our logo! And also the miniature keyboard I'm holding? She DIY-ed it! Clapclap.


Here's one crazy video we did at 1 am in my house right after the shoot that's why we're dressed like that ! Lol . Recorded it last minute with a mac cam. 



  1. looks cool but ur eye seems to be very tired XD

  2. that's quite some happening! cool! you guys look like Glee casts in the video, especially during "forget you" :P i hope i can do something like this too in the future. all the best! Following for more :)

    {the Picablocks}

    1. Thanks Natasha! That's so sweet of you :D !