Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ELEVATE Kuantan★Feel The Difference


Guess what? Elevate hit me again! Now don't go around asking what is Elevate? Unless you're still living in a cave. Omg I'm so mean! Anyways, this will be my 3rd Elevate party experience. Like I mentioned in my other posts, Elevate has hit countless states including Penang, Johor, KL, Malacca, and now in Kuantan! Did I miss out any of the state? Well, after all Elevate held it's party every two weeks! Rumours has it that next stop will be in my hometown *giggles*

My other Elevate experience(click) : Elevate Penang and Elevate Malacca

feat. DJ Mari Ferarri and Elecoldxhot
Elevate @ Kuantan Theatre Live Music
Saturday - 29th October 2012


Here's all 5 of us crazy people. Thank you Don Chan for the privilege to attend Elevate parties VIP style once again! Yeah we all traveled to Kuantan in one car for a 2 hour drive down from KL at 3pm and reached around 7pm with the jams. Mandy and I even did our makeup in the car before the party started, all for not wanting to feel uncomfortable when resting in the car.

The party was held in Theatre Live Music (formerly known as Voodoo), and I would say the venue was rather cozy and smaller, unlike the huge ones in their previous events. However, the beautiful Elevate themed coloured LED lightnings always strike me at it's best. Thumbs up to Elevate! Not forgetting, the place is stylish and at the same time, not losing Elevate's signatures like the interactive photobooth and Ipad games. 

The night started off at 9.30pm as usual, with free-flows of beers and whiskies. Not long after that, all the party-goers were greeted by the ever fun and friendly emcee Kylie Chapman. I didn't know she can speak Chinese! One hell of a talent from her for being bilingual that night!

With playful Kylie

Here's one with the boyfriend, before every picture turned all colourful. Lol!

With Michael Yip. I'm sure he's very tired after all the driving and sleepless night. 
But never say No to Elevate eh?

With Samantha, the party queen !

And with Mandy Chan, the crazy bitch who can tickle you to death!

Suddenly, the whole placed went BAM! Everywhere was dark. Before the crowd could get panic at the sudden shut down of the lightings, Elecoldxhot then took over the stage with their awesome LED costume dance again! I'll say Elecoldxhot really got the crowd's attention, not forgetting with the latest viral song...... Yes you know it, it's Gangnam Style by them again ! The fun part was, everyone followed and dance along. Haha, yes I'm so sick of Gangnam but it's just hard not to dance along Gangnam style. I think we're seriously infected. 

Elecoldxhot with their led costumes.

Did not manage to get a group pic with the Elecoldxhot (I'm a bad blogger NYAh) but here's a picture with one of them, Kaze who always like my instagram pics wahaha thanks for the support *giggles*.

And then here comes the most anticipated part of the party, appearance by DJ Mari Ferrari. No, don't google her! She is so hot and talented, and also crowned as the sexiest DJ of 2012. Of course, her mix then pumped up the party-goers even more! I must say, Kuantan people know how to party too. I must have underestimated them.

Karmun say she looked like she's spinning some magic around her. Come to think of it, she really did spin some magic for us. How can you miss her out when she's in Malaysia!! 

With Dj Mari Ferrari. 

And the perfect caption for this photo will be : Omg It's DJ Mari Ferrari.

Thankyou Elevate once again for this memorable party. And I know there are more to come which I hopefully can get to attend as well! My dear readers, did you missed this again? 

You know what? I have passes to give away for you guys for these awesome Elevate parties every time when I posted on my fb. But I still have friends who after seeing my post-party pics, and then ask me why I did not invite them? For once again, follow my twitter : http://twitter.com/ngyeeing | Instagram : yeeingng | Facebook : http://facebook.com/yeeing | and my Blog : http://yeeingng.blogspot.com , and get updates from these platforms. Sorry, but I get rather annoyed by people who say "TAK AJAK/BOJIO/etc". It's not like I can manage to remember each and every one of my friends or have time to invite all of them, right. Just ASK me. :)

I still love you guys.

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