Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ELEVATE Malacca★Feel the Difference


Oh my God! 5 days has passed since the recent Elevate party (last Saturday) but I can still feel the hype in me. It was really a great night for all of us, and the hangover is definitely worth it!

feat. DJ Patricia K , DJ Hiloco aka neroDoll, Elecoldxhot, and Psycusix
Elevate @ Malacca International Trade Centre (M.I.T.C)
Saturday - 8th September 2012

I'm sure you're familiar with Elevate already, as it's happening everywhere like mushrooms growing. The first one was in Penang, then Johor, KL, and now in Malacca. Yes you heard that right, we traveled 200km down to Malacca just so we don't miss this party. Cray-cray! And I also heard that Elevate held parties every two weeks. So don't fret!

Read about my other Elevate experiences here : Elevate Penang and Elevate Kuantan


This time, we partied the VIP style again! A lot of party are happening on the same night, but I just can't say no to Elevate when I'm given the VIP privilege because the feeling of partying the VIP way is too damn awesome, of course, not forgetting that we're partying with a bunch of crazy people, including the 15 selected bloggers.

As usual, Ryan attended this event with me and we drove up at 7pm, picking up Samuel and Lisa together. Held in MITC, this venue was easy to locate as it's our first time there, GPS helps ! Glad to say the parking space was huge too.

This is what I saw when I first entered the concourse area which was transformed into a giant club :

My heart was like 'Omg it's gonna be another great party!', together with free flow of Carlsberg and whiskeys. I'm bad at describing things, but you know, the organizers made the venue so beautiful and cool with all the colourful laser lights(Elevate's official colours), and I also saw two interactive dancefloor that light up and transform into different colours when people step on it!

And here we have Nelson and Sam for some demonstration on the dancefloor -.-. Notice how the lights change from the pressure when a person step on it? So cool! Everytime when I walk to the bar I will step on the dancefloor to pass by. Lol!


The emcee of the night was non other than Joey Ghazlan. Girls, don't scream! And beside him is DJ Patricia K, his girlfriend! Such power couple don't you think?

 Me with Joey G. He is so tall and buff! Not to mention, Patricia is so beautiful and hot too. 
Such perfect lovers!  


The first performance of the night was by Psycusix. Such a cool name and I didn't know they're gonna play with hot fire with their mouth and thin ropes. I thought they're dancers or something. Yeah, they dance with fire !!


DJ Patricia K
then turns up to pump up all the party-goer's adrenaline with her signature house mix. She is so gorgeous and decent. I really love beautiful decent girls with real talents. Uh oh, you know the DJ is good when you see the crowd begin to break into a few dance moves of their own. *giggles*


After that, the Elecoldxhot then came out and took the stage fiercely, with all the lights turn off and then break into their choreographs with their LED costumes which lighted the stage ! I super love their costume, it made the whole dance's formation so mesmerizing !

Suddenly, there's OPPA GANGNAM STYLE from them. Dafuq, it was seriously unexpected! Can you believe that almost everyone break into the Gangnam dance with them? Aaaaahhhh if only I'm wearing pants! Haaha!

Some shots with the Elecoldxhot talented guys. Meet my friend Kaze! He made me down whiskey during the very last minute when I'm leaving ! Bu fang guo!


Lastly, DJ Hiloco all the way from Japan, came on to spin her mix with her bling-bling headphones. Once again, the crowd went wild for her, and the guys even grouped in front of the stage calling out for her! She's one hell of guys magnet and with talents !

The last time in Penang I didn't manage to have a picture with her, but this time yes!! I'm so happy!


Can you guess how high were we after all these ? It's picture time all the time!
Cashtellow and Sandy !

With Wilson !

With Karmun Ng!

With Shirnie, Vivian, Samantha, and Mandy !

The guys.... they're sexy and they know it!

Here comes the Fisheye invasion !!

With Ryan , Jocelyn Coco , and Sandy!

And the very very high guys feeling sexy.... Hahaha!!

Thankyou Elevate for making this party so grand. It's officially now one of the parties I couldn't say no to!
Are you ELEVATED yet? For my readers who has not experience Elevate, don't worry because I'm here to tell you there will be more Elevate parties for all of you. Can you guess where will the next state be? Be alert!

Also, thankyou DON the man for all these opportunity to party wild like this! Imagine he have to take care of 15 bloggers, and when we were scattered all around the place he actually went around to look for us when the DJs came down to take picture with us. Just to make sure everyone are not missed out when taking pics with the celebs and DJs *giggles

Yes, Don looks like this.

Stay tune on my bloggie, facebook, and twitter for more passes giveaways, and thanks for reading! *winks

//Photo credits to Samuel Chew, Lisa Chow, Karmun Ng, Adrian Ng, and Samantha Kong !!
Hahaha I'm a photo stealer until I get my dream camera on hands. Lol. xoxo


  1. Yay! I love Elevate parties. Had so much fun at the previous ones too :D

  2. Awesome party! Pat looks really smexy over here.

  3. So you ponteng HA and went to Elevate!
    K lar got chance I wanna go also XD

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