Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is WET !

Alright I need to post some non-food related post before I update more food post soon !

Went to try out the Asian Water Sports Village in Puchong lake few months back.
(Check out their page : https://www.facebook.com/AWSV.info) It was simple and tiring yet fun ! They even provide simple bbq for us after the water games. Went there with a bunch of crazy friends and she finally uploaded all the pics hahahaa! All picture credits to Chutipond.

stupid face

Chutipond, mua, Genee, Eunice

with Chutipond

Group picc!

Eunice and Lance!

With Ryan 

Wet girls

Ryan and Lance

Surprisingly the guys fall into the water more than girls. Hohoho! Love the fun session but because it's not just our group playing the sports (there are some other groups too) so it made the waiting time a little longer. Think they should like, expand the place and the game options.


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