Thursday, May 10, 2012

What am I up to #3

Harlo sunshines.

My 3rd 'What am I up to' and I think it serves quite right as a summarized timeline of mine. Hoho I still wanna blog about my Australia trip but everytime I was gonna blog about it, there'll surely be some other urgent post to blog about first. 

Again, most pictures taken by phone and some steal from friends !! I think I didn't use my Canon camera for a very long time already every since I got my S2. I'm so lazy!!! So sorry for the no-quality pictures but after filter still can make it hahahah!!

Last month was a war month so there's nothing much of what I did, and I can't believe I only have 3 post for the month April! I just remember I tried to study a lot lol and instagram a lot. Omg I just joined a month plus and I'm an #instagramaddict ! Hehe follow me on instagram: yeeingng

Oh wells, since war is over and I'm having a little holiday right now, I shall rejuvenate my almost dead blog. Holiday feels more like staying at home watching dramas, do lots of exercise every morning, and spend lots of time with the loved ones, and catch up with the long-time-no-see friends. I always love that part where we have like a thousand stories to tell !

Okay, enough ranting at the beginning of every post wtf my boyfie say I'm the only one who always rant as introduction of post wtf maximum FHL. Just let me say what I want!!

#1 Went Aussie to find kangaroos !! lol wait for it!

#2 Invited to the live demo of Chef Darren Chin thanks to Tony.
He made the world's best sandwich and I think it taste really good!

#3 Went sushi again before heading to a birthday party and thanks to
boyfie for taking this pic, it make me realize I'm damn fat already la!!!!
Me and Angeline both agree that it's so easy to become fat, but so hard to lose weight!!

Photo credits to KingsterLiew
#4 Went for Daniel's birthday celebration at The Gardens Residence.
So sweet of Angeline ! They are a sweet couple!

#5 Went for Glenmorangie Soundform fluid showcase !
I just blogged about it click here !

Mike always take nice pictures!
#6 A nice party picture at Vertigo by Glenmorangie ! Photo by Mike!

Photo credit to Samantha
#7 Me and baby Samantha. Guess where we went again?

#8 Ya! We went to the ASAHI barman roadshow at Changkat! I blogged bout it also recently
click here  . Photo credit to TimChew!

#9 Went for Jazz music by Polkadot + Moonbeam! They don't just do jazz!
Music lovers should check them out as they are still performing in Malaysia right now!

#10 Love hate relationship. 

#11 Ikea meatballs when accompany mum hunt for ipad. Never get bored of it.

#12 Went for breakfast at Antipodean Bangsar. Everyone say until like so famous lidat. So must try only gan yuen. But after tried, I feel it's breakfast is so so only. Sorry. But the environment and coffee is very nice! Maybe will go there again for their coffee.

#13 During my finals exam week, I had Mcd breakfast almost every morning *guilty*
Because only Mcd open so early in the morning.

#14 Then right after the last days of finals, mark our freedom, we went 
for Sushi Zanmai again! Not fat also cannot.

#15 Beauty expo at KLCC ends the day after my finals exam so
die die must go once finals finish. The masks are so affordable and is from Korea!

#16 Sorry. So disgusting my eye. But I need to remember this is my first time
my eyes blueblack. I feel like a gangster. ThankGod it recover fast with lots of massage ^.^

#17 Then sometimes I dress like a girl to remind myself to behave like a girl. wtf

#18 Catch up with my bff she finally can drive lololo!! Friends for 7 years and counting.
Wahh if we're couple we can get married already just kidding.

#19 The overrated super famous ss15 Pork noodles.

#20 Baby stocked up for me. Haih ganfei really not easy.

#21 Fake bokeh but as long as I like la!

#21 My baby Chelsea I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!

// OMG you know what! I feel like I'm just reposting all my instagram pictures!!!! Ok fine Australia post next.


  1. Very nice piccies u got there! :D

  2. can i know what appss you use to combine the first pic in your post? :-D and the pork noodle is so temptin!

    1. Hi dear I use pudding to combine. Sometimes meituxiuxiu

  3. awww ur baby chelsea so cuteeee!

  4. food food food ar!! hahah drink more water sleep early and go jalan jalan sure wont grow fat de :P

    1. Haha ya lo i always eat and sleep like a pig adi

  5. after exam you alll in right!!!! hahahah!