Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kangaroo Aussie, Pt.2

On my 3rd day in Australia, I still remember I felt adrenaline rushing all over me. All because I was going to touch kangaroos!

"Australian kangaroos are the most famous Australian animals, and they belong to the most recognizable icons in the world."
Before that, my breakfast in hotel that morning :

Nice egg. Okay, let's continue with my day full of adorable little things. 


Caversham Wildlife Park

Camho! Yeah kangaroo you're doing it right!
Koala! It's always sleeping!

Waaa donkey !!!
What the hell why donkey copy my face expression !!!!!
Sheeps gonna be naked!

The cut their bulu. So nice, all in one piece. 
Squeeze cow milk! Ermmm awkward
Fuhh tired. And it's very sunny too. Feel like Malaysia's weather already but much more dry.

Went for wine tasting at Sandalford Winery after lunch! Australia is one of the best winemaker. 

This is the best.


After all that, headed to Harbour Town for some little shopping. Their shopping centres all close very early! Like 5pm. Seriously, I think Malaysians shop too much. Shopaholic!

Head to Kings Park after that and I think it's a very beautiful park !! 

The next day was Easter Day and also time to go back! So basically I spent my Easter Day in airport waiting for my delayed plane. :( 

Really love Perth's weather ! But the next time if I visit Australia again, I would like to visit Sydney and Melbourne !

For more pictures check out my fb album : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3842062533934.173238.1349198579&type=3

Love ya!


  1. OMG cute kangaroos and koalas!! :D LOL at the donkey :P

  2. Ooh Australia! I was in Sydney last year as well, went for the sheep shaving show. HAHA. Which part of Aussie is this?

  3. did you know, Kangaroos can actually dent a car?

  4. The donkey looks cute too! @@|||

  5. KANGAROO!!! SO CUTE!!! I want to go australia also lahhh! TT

  6. Looks like you had a great time here in perth during easter! :D and I know right omg they should have their shops opened till late night just like in kl!!! bleaghh! such a bummer! >:(