Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cruiser Aussie, Pt.1

Hiiii !!! Gonna talk about my trip to Perth, Australia finally! 

Got into MAS and I must say I always love plane food . Erm...... although a lot of people around me say plane food sucks, but I think MAS one is nice for me lololo! Don't know bout AirAsia food tho. 
Wtf first sentence already talk about food. 

My luggage. Haih I should bring two luggage next time. Or a super huge one !!! Almost not enough space to put back the things when returning back to Malaysia. I arrived airport very early like 7am! Lol too early. My flight is about 9am. 

See! Told you airplane food is nice. But the thing is, lai lai qu qu also that few choices. Oh wells.
Reach Perth around 3pm. Freaking 6 hours flight my butt so pain. The first night must go Casino !

So I visited Burswood Casino, and if I'm not wrong, it's under GENTING also. Btw this is my first time to casino lol, didn't even been to Genting cause I'm underage. Whatever !!

Their structures are very nice. Anyways I went in the casino but it's not allowed to take picture. I saw many old people in the casino ! Like really really old kind of old , like my great grandmother kind of old. Some sitting on wheel chair and still come and play. I was like, they sure don't know what else can they do with their money. So must quickly finish it before they die. Omg I'm so mean. Oh wells, I just know it's so bored to be in a casino when you can't play ! The security even checked my passport but he let me in lol.
Ok enough with boring night.


The next morning, woke up super early and went for a walk! It's a public holiday there , Good Friday. So not much shops are opened. Need to admit that all their fruits are very huge, round, and juicy. Lol. 

I saw some locals jogging by the street wearing singlet and shorts while us tourist wear ... sweater and  shivering. No la not really shiver , actually Perth's weather during that time (April) is gonna be fall, just like Genting Highland's weather but a little colder and IF THERE IS WIND it's like winter to me lol. I'm ok with it if there's no wind. And the thing is you don't know when the wind will come so have to bring sweater pun. 

Went back to hotel and have my all time favourite breakfast no matter where I am. Cereals yes. Then out for a walk again ! This time I head to walk around somewhere around my hotel called... erm... I forgot the name. See that's why I can never be a travel blogger. lol.

I'm so fat in this sweater ! Or maybe I'm really fat. :/

See my hair, that means it's windy when I'm camwhoring, which also means I am shivering - if I'm without my sweater ! What a noob! While walking around, I saw their signboards and fall in love with it. I know, of all things. I just think that their signboard is very direct and simple, not so cluttered like MALAYSIA!!!!! 

Also, almost all their building structure there are like bricks... Like they didn't paint the final layer lol. But it's very pretty ! Look at this huge church. And guess what, the entrance has a sign saying "Sorry, church is closed down due to roof leaking and repair needed". Em okay, on a Good Friday? Seems legit. 


Then I saw this little house in the middle of the sea. Wow I wanna see if anyone who came out of the house will fall into the sea right away? I'm so mean again!

The house is cute anyway. Then I saw sexy salmon and the first mental image that came into my mind is the salmon wearing g string. What??? Then the local told me that the salmons are RED and red means sexy. Facepalm. I still hate salmon! 

Very clean !


Then it's afternoon and it's getting hot! Scumbag weather. Good that I forecasted it and wore something lesser on the inside! Took bus to Fremantle which look like a funfair to me. So many people there! Now that's where all the people are hiding at. They like to lie and picnic on the grass, which I like too! But I can't do that in Malaysia because our grass is full with ants and disgusting stuff! lol.

Freemantle is a must visit because it's like the centre of everything. The Barrack Arch, Fisherman Harbour, Cuppucino Strip, The Esplanade.... I remember those names for you. But I didin't take much picture there! Well, it's a nice place to eat, buy souvenirs, many coffee shops, and right in front of your eyes is the sea! With many many cruise and motorboats, ship, etc.

Went for the Swan River Cruise. I think it's my first time on a cruise. It's getting sunny hot already so it means perfect for camho ! I recorded video too but I think it's too zhaotut so suan le ba. All the old people sitting inside the cruise daydreaming. I can't stand it! I joined some people who decided to stand out there at the front part of the cruise. It's so windy !

And the sky is like same colour with the sea. When you look closer in real life, the sea is actually green in colour. But not as green as Thailand ! According to them, most of the locals there own at least a boat. And they have to 'park' their boat there. Usually weekends will be the time for them to have fun with their family or friends. When I'm in the cruise, I also passed by some motorboats (omg so fun and adventurers) and some boat with happy people dancing and waving HI to us. LOL. Next time I also want to own a boat! 

By the way, the above 3 sea picture is taken by my S2. Ohgodwhy my phone take nicer picture than my camera?


When the night comes, I feel so tired ! Then my friend told me about Club X Live Peep Show is where you pay $2 to see basically everything. I think it's similar with Thailand's tiger show lol. But I didn't go for it anyway!!! 

Wow Langkawi spotted. RM 4.5 K ++++ . Seems legit!

Okay lovelies I think too much picture ! Will continue the rest of it the next post ! Of cute animals and wines!  Actually I uploaded all my pictures in my facebook album so check it out click here.

Byeeee! XOXO


  1. lol finally you blog abt ur trip. haha
    aiyo why didnt you go in for a peep! not expensive also mahhh! =p

    1. Hahaha I scared what has been seen cannot be unseen XD

  2. Aussie is really cleaner than Malaysia weyy! Haha! =DD

  3. So pretty lah... I wanna go...someday

  4. Awesome! You should go in to see SOMETHING :D
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  5. How much u spend for the whole trip?? I wanna go australia too!!!!

  6. you make me miss Perth so much!

  7. You went there alone huh? Aiyooo Y U NO like salmon? Anwyays, the scenery of the sea is really breathtaking. So relax (: