Friday, October 23, 2015

Kiss Me 10th Anniversary Celebration

Did I told anyone that I'm a big fan of Japanese make up? Needless to say, I've been using Kiss Me products for a long time and am still loving it!!!

Last weekend I went to Kiss Me's 10th Anniversary celebration at Publika. How time flies! Kiss Me has already been around for 10 years! There was a roadshow held in Publika with lots of exciting activities, freebies, and amazing discount on their products. Most importantly, live makeup by a renowned Japanese makeup artist - Ms. Sayuri Igarashi. 

It's Kiss Me! Of course I'll go in Pink. And holla, I changed my hairstyle and am lovin' it! It's my first time in my life to have this length of hair you know!

Btw, they have lots of new range now! I need to check them out more soon. 

Ms. Sayuri Igarashi has 25 years of makeup experience in Japan. I need to say, her voice is so cute and she is so so so so friendly!!! Here, she's demonstrating how to create different makeup looks with Kiss Me products. 

She showed us how different makeup style brings out different "personality". 

I still remember in the past, I would go crazy and visit Sasa/Watsons to get Kiss Me products! Especially the Heavy Rotation range!!

There's also free makeovers that day. Lucky enough, I get to have Ms. Sayuri Igarashi to do my makeover. She's so bubbly and cheerful, making everyone around her feel so happy! 

She's patience enough to slowly explain to me her techniques and what kind of style suits me. I must say, she's really good at applying eyeshadow on my eyes. I seldom put on eyeshadow, because I feel like I'll turn into a panda with eyeshadows lol. But she totally changed my mind! Maybe I should buck up my eyeshadow application skills. 

Selfie with Yukiko. I miss all the bloggers so much!

Stuffs for me that day! So happy. 

Are you a big fan of Japanese cosmetics? Their amazing deals is still on!  Visit Watsons stores now and you'll find that there's 15-30% discounts for selected items of Kiss Me products. Promotion ends on 2nd November 2015. 

Visit for more info. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fish & Co's lunch set is so cheap!

A few weeks back I had the chance to tried out Fish and Co's lunch menu, which  I actually thought I was having Manhattan Fish Market the whole time. lol. But I was glad that it was Fish and Co. Because I'll have much higher expectation for Manhattan. 

So what's happening with Fish and Co? Currently they're offering a lunch set which starts from RM11.95 that's available from 11:30am to 5:30pm

I had my 'lunch' set at their Pavilion branch. Well they also have other outlets all over Klang Valley at locations such as 1U, Paradigm Mall, The Mines, and many more.
They were preparing for some kind of party it seems, or probably a corporate event hence the many rows of tables and chairs.




So what do they serve for their lunch set? Starting from RM11.95 :


and if you're feeling a bit more 'hungry' (and have a deeper pocket to burn) you can opt for these :


All sets also come with a drink.

So for our 'lunch' set, we've ordered the Grilled Salmon Cajun Style and Artic Fish and Chips. (Notice the repeated air quotes, it's because we were having it at night time.)

Grilled Salmon Cajun Style (RM25.95)

The priciest set on the menu because salmon isn't cheap, due to it's high demand and low supply (depending on whether it's farm-raised or caught in the wild)

Artic Fish and Chips (RM17.95)

I'm not sure why it has the name artic in it, but they pretty much stayed true to the name because the sides did feel 'Artic'. lol

So how did the meal fare? Considering that the cheapest set starts off at RM11.95, it is not bad. In case you're bored with your daily chap fan lunch. (Fun fact : I'll never be bored of chap fan. I'm so chinese like that. haha!)

Fish and Co's dishes are marginally cheaper than Manhattan, so they have that going for them.



Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Days.

5 days left to own a LIFE.

5 days left to clear my mind off completely.

5 days left to be disconnected by this evil world of social media. To not dream about work conversation, nor think about what I have not done yet.

5 days left to have a good sleep, good drink, good food, and good conversation.

5 days left to be able to stop, pause, and just let time pass.

5 days left to forgive and forget the world's bullshit.

5 days, and hopefully by the end of these 5 days, I will be filled with more optimism than before.