Sunday, December 14, 2014

My new love ; Muzik by RESPEC.CO #muzikeyewear


Been feeling really excited to blog about this recently launched MUZIK Eyewear (from Korea) by RESPEC.CO. Not only that, Respec also showcased a teaser announcement of the soon to be launched Blanc & Eclare eyewear by Jessica Jung from SNSD. All these, first in Malaysia. How awesome is that! 

Congratulation buddies! 

Felt so honored to be a part of the launch last 4th November in their showroom at Taman Desa, alongside with attendees such as Joseph Germani, Mawa Rashid, Dennis Yin, Danny One, and more. By the way, just a fun fact here : Did you know that their showroom holds an interior design award by MSID? 

#NoRespec is their very own lookbook movement which features talents and creatives, pushing fashion forward into this world. What a bunch of talented people behind the story, check them hashtag out! 

The people behind the success story. All become Korean already. loll

Guess which is my favourite pair? 

Have you guessed which is my favourite????

Lucky me and many thanks to Respec, I now have a new love! It's the Drip Rock 523 Track 1. Yes yes the one with gold clip! *jumps in joy* Now I don't just love the eyewear, I love it's casing too. Look at it's packaging - Super detailed. 

 What's inside the box. 

I love how they have separate casing and pouches for different purposes. Now look, I can haz prescribed glasses and when I put on the gold clip, it became sunnies.

 All MUZIK eyewear were named after different kind of music genre. Drip Rock is my favourite. 
Together with the gold clip, they melt my heart. 

 Clip on easily. Ops, I forgotten to take the transparent rubber out.

The hard casing? Turn it over and it's a speaker for you to play your MUZIK. 
See what I did there? How amazing!

Best X'mas pressie ever from RESPEC.CO. Thank you! 


For you who want to have your virgin experience with MUZIK eyewear (& Blanc & Eclare), be sure to check out their POP-UP Store in LOT 10 this festive month from 10th December - 4th January!

YOU KNOW WHAT? There's lucky draws going on there for Jessica's autographed sunnies! All you SNSD fans, you heard that right. 

Don't worry if you can't make it to their pop-up store though, 'cause they will also be hitting the city at Robinson's The Gardens from 6th January onwards. :) 

For more info, check out 
Website :

#NoRespec #Respecco #MUZIKeyewear

Monday, December 1, 2014

Taiwan trippin '14 [Pt.I]


So, last September I just had the best trip of the year. Thanks boyfie. *loveu* I love Taiwan and I couldn't stop emphasizing it to everyone who asked me about Taiwan. I love it's culture, the people, (the food was okay), the skincare products, and transportation, the lifestyle! I must blog about this before I forget about everything lol! 

It's our first time there and I think 4 days is a little too short of a trip to Taiwan. Never mind, the next time we're going, we're so going to stay more than 4 days. Only able to be in Taipei for that 4 days. I have not been to the hot spring yet! 

We woke up real early for departure that morning! Got in that super fast train to the KLIA airport. 

Boyfie fat face

About 6 hours flight and we reached!!!! Look at those mini houses. lol 

Taoyuan International Airport. Lovin it's design. 

Hop on our bus and off to our hotel. I think our hotel is called The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei (The Le Louvre). It's a pretty hotel, love it! But I think the next time we visit Taiwan again we can stay in boutique hotels/homestay instead to save cost. Hahaha! Any recommendation?

It's our first day there and we already can't wait to stroll the streets. Especially excited for the much-raved 7-eleven foodies. 

At this point we still didn't really question about the bicycles all around the place. 

And then, bakeries. Their variation of pastries are so different from those available in Malaysia. There's lots of yogurt and froyo pastries. Me likey! Wish they're not perishable so I can bring them all back to Malaysia! lol

Look... such attractive bun I betchu wanna wallop it. 

And then, there's... intercom? Is it? 

Lot's of hipster cafes there too. Me likey!

Ok. Now, there's a lot of 7-eleven in the same area. Lot's of them. Big ones, small ones. But all of them have one thing in common - the microwavable food and variety of bottled coffees! Very much in love with their pork belly meals and the latte in bottle. Hahaha.

Nightlife were pretty much almost the same as KL in my opinion. Walking through these traffics reminds me a lot about Singapore, except that Singapore is much much cleaner and Singaporeans walk in a more organized way.  

Night markets is the bom in Taiwan! To visit all their night market is like one of our top to-do list in Taiwan. We went to the Raohe Night Market on the first night. Taiwan's night market is very different from what we have in Malaysia. I would say their night market is like our supermarket + night market. You can find shoes, clothes, bags, luggages, toys there other than street foods.

I'm a big fan of pork, if you've followed my blog quite a while you would know that I've said this so many times that I'm getting annoyed of myself. Anyway, yea, pork. Juicy pork. 

Bubble milk teas!

Was quite surprised that they sell angus beef in night market too. It's a must-try of course.

Grab all the food and back to our hotel !

At this point we started noticing the bicycles around us. We're curious and noob, saw that there's stations and stations of the same colour of bikes. lol. So we figured that that's the bicycle we can rent to move around. Google is our best friend. Found out that we need the YO-YO card to be able to enjoy this service. And the bike rental is freaking cheap though, free for the first 30 min and the subsequent hour is just RM 2 or so.

Anyway, after we finish makan in our room, we went out to play with the bike. The bike rental thing is active 24 hours. So we can haz midnight ride! Hahaha! Oh gosh I really miss Taiwan. I think I should stop now. 

Ok I think Imma continue the rest in other posts. 

Goodnight y'all ;)