Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello 2015 ♥ Resolutions

Happy 2015! (And happy February,lol)

February already.. but better late than never okayyyyy ! 

I know I know, people have been asking me like "retired from blogging ah" and things like "oh my god your last update was a month ago!". Big deal, I know. Haha why do I sound so bitchy but yeah, it's kinda like a big deal in my blogging circle.

I'm very tired. But I'm not weak. I know that some things has been blinding and consuming me lately, it's very wrong and I'm sick and tired of it, but I'm figuring out the best adjustment I can make to deal with different phases, different people and different environment, spiritually and corporately. 

Life is really moving at a speed. But you know what, a new year calls for re-organizing of life's priorities man. *peaceeee* While I'm not really into resolutions and shit like that because I feel my "resolution" every year is almost the same. Anyway, better some than nothing. (Read:checklist)

Last year I'm 22 years old. There were a few big and little things to give thanks for. I may have forgotten some, but THANK GOD for in 2014, I'm able to : 
  • (Spiritually) Play for You, in a whole new level. Thank You for upgrading me.
  • Buy a car 
  • Travel to Taiwan & Singapore
  • Be blessed with various adverts + events events events = extra moolah
  • Own two really adorable hedgehogs = my fav fat babies
  • Be with a very charismatic man for over 3 years
  • Be blessed with awesome (new) friends and connections
  • Contribute to family expenses
  • Life skills upgraded with great opportunities

Annnd, few things to look forward in 2015 (I tried to be as specific as possible. This will do for now. ) To be able to :

  • Spiritually... (I'll leave that to myself first, cos it's very very private.)
  • Earn more than what I earned in 2014. And also so that I can lessen my family's burden. 
  • Be less forgetful, more supportive, understanding, and utter more positive words. 
  • Put lesser makeup, eat healthier and be fitter (*laughs*)
  • Travel/Backpacking (There! Booked my tics already! *excites)
  • Brush up Uke,Yoga, Piano, and Cooking/baking skill 
  • Blog consistently and more about myself, not everything ads! 
  • Strengthen family relationship/Sponsor family for an oversea trip
  • Spend more time at home
  • Be less like a perfectionist and live by the mantra of 'no regrets'.
  • And.... learn how to ... swim. (T.T)

That's all for now. Thought I should have something like this as the first post of 2015. Haha! Okay food posts next. 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

PopStylo : What's for Shopaholics?


Hi ladies! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Sure enough now it's the time to shop, not just because there's various sales going on, but also because it's the festive season! If you haven already start stocking up new dresses/shoes/accessories, then why not check out this amazing site that I was recently introduced to - 

PopStylo is a one-stop store for all our fashion needs - there's widest range of highly fashionable apparels for women that ranges from dresses, accessories, handbags and many more, as well as for men and kids. You can also find selected Lazada and Zalora pieces in PopStylo!

I shop online a lot (echo: a lot, a lot, a lot). That's because, well it's so convenient and it's my resort to last minute shopping! Psst, I most of the time shop at the very last minute for special occasions because yeah, I'm so busy like that.

Here's some of my favourites from PopStylo. Should I get all or what? If you know me long enough, you'll know I have weakness for shoes. Especially pointy ones. Hahaha!

Visit PopStylo here :

This is how PopStylo site look like. Not just pretty dresses, the functionality was pretty user-friendly. 

A : Sign-up an account 
So that I don't have to keep re-enter my details (for shipping) in the future. Also,to keep track of various promotion and sales!

B : Category Tabs
As usual, every online shop should have these tabs to ease our search when we are looking for something particular. But PopStylo just brought this into a new level, they have a category for various seasons and celebrations!

You can do brand comparison and price setting too!

C : Exclusive
The Exclusive tab brings you to Exclusive deals and promotions from PopStylo. ( This tab is for when you're specifically looking to purchase products that are on promotion. :) There's even maternity fashion pieces in there!

D : Shopping Cart 
The process of placing order was pretty straight forward and easy. Note that, it's free shipping yo! Currently their payment gateway is iPay88. :)

E : Your Favourite Dress?
My favourite dress I mean. Hehe. This mesh dress caught my eye. :P Materials and sizes were all stated in the description, which make's it easier for me to estimate which size I wanna get. Because it's free shipping, 10-15 business days of shipping time is reasonable.


Whatchu waiting for? Check PopStylo out and see if there's anything you can resist!

Website :

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My new love ; Muzik by RESPEC.CO #muzikeyewear


Been feeling really excited to blog about this recently launched MUZIK Eyewear (from Korea) by RESPEC.CO. Not only that, Respec also showcased a teaser announcement of the soon to be launched Blanc & Eclare eyewear by Jessica Jung from SNSD. All these, first in Malaysia. How awesome is that! 

Congratulation buddies! 

Felt so honored to be a part of the launch last 4th November in their showroom at Taman Desa, alongside with attendees such as Joseph Germani, Mawa Rashid, Dennis Yin, Danny One, and more. By the way, just a fun fact here : Did you know that their showroom holds an interior design award by MSID? 

#NoRespec is their very own lookbook movement which features talents and creatives, pushing fashion forward into this world. What a bunch of talented people behind the story, check them hashtag out! 

The people behind the success story. All become Korean already. loll

Guess which is my favourite pair? 

Have you guessed which is my favourite????

Lucky me and many thanks to Respec, I now have a new love! It's the Drip Rock 523 Track 1. Yes yes the one with gold clip! *jumps in joy* Now I don't just love the eyewear, I love it's casing too. Look at it's packaging - Super detailed. 

 What's inside the box. 

I love how they have separate casing and pouches for different purposes. Now look, I can haz prescribed glasses and when I put on the gold clip, it became sunnies.

 All MUZIK eyewear were named after different kind of music genre. Drip Rock is my favourite. 
Together with the gold clip, they melt my heart. 

 Clip on easily. Ops, I forgotten to take the transparent rubber out.

The hard casing? Turn it over and it's a speaker for you to play your MUZIK. 
See what I did there? How amazing!

Best X'mas pressie ever from RESPEC.CO. Thank you! 


For you who want to have your virgin experience with MUZIK eyewear (& Blanc & Eclare), be sure to check out their POP-UP Store in LOT 10 this festive month from 10th December - 4th January!

YOU KNOW WHAT? There's lucky draws going on there for Jessica's autographed sunnies! All you SNSD fans, you heard that right. 

Don't worry if you can't make it to their pop-up store though, 'cause they will also be hitting the city at Robinson's The Gardens from 6th January onwards. :) 

For more info, check out 
Website :

#NoRespec #Respecco #MUZIKeyewear