Monday, July 14, 2014

Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Liner

Hi guys!

Anyone got the post-worldcup fever? I can't believe I slept the whole evening. Feeling so the worldcup hangover. Anyway Congrats Germany and good game Argentina! I've had my first experience last night staying up the whole night for the match with a big crowd. It was a blast! 

Look, I've got to stay up for the World Cup Final from 6pm to 6am (I went to D Football Festival ! ), and that's crazy long hours so I need to make sure I've chosen the right long-hour standing makeup products, especially for the eye makeup part. 

One of my big love that's a must share this month is this newest Maybellline Hypersharp Laser Liner that I've gotten few weeks back. What caught my attention about this liner is that it's tip is as sharp as a needle, just like laser! That's no wonder it's called the Hypersharp Laser Liner Precision. 

Laser sharp precision with 0.01mm tip, the finest tip in the market. Now you can have more control when it comes to creating a fine eyeliner flick or other more creative eyeliner styles. It's also 24-hour smudgeproof and has easy-removal with lukewarm water formula.

Lines can't be finer than this! The Hypersharp Laser Liner comes in three beautiful shades for different personalities. Intense Black, Soft Black, and Brown to fit every girl's needs. I personally love Intense Black the most, but of course I'll second Brown when I feel the need to tone down my makeup. 

I wear the Hypersharp Laser Liner for almost my everyday makeup. It's color is very pigmented, it makes application so much smoother, and it doesn't make my makeup look too heavy. Most importantly, it's so affordable! 

From thick to thin, this 0.01mm tip allows me to have full control of the kind of liner look I want to create. It's available at your nearest pharmacies for only RM 35.90. No fret to give it a try! Who knows you might start stocking up this big love!

P/S : Before you start thinking if I took non-ori pictures and if you're wondering why the liner pictures are similar to the ones on Maybelline Malaysia's FB, that's because I'm the one who took those pictures! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Neutrogena 60th Anniversary Beauty HangOut

Healthy skin is very damn important. It reveals your age even if you think you can cover those imperfections up with 4 inch thick of makeup. (Bonus : take care of your neck's skin too, that one.... can really tell your age one lololol. I've seen some really pretty lady, yes I guess they can lie about their age from the face, but not from their neck! ) 

So I always prioritize skincare before cosmetics. Like they always say, a good canvas makes good painting. If you have perfect skin already, I just wanna say... I'm so envy! I always admire people with really really good skin. Beauty begins with healthy skin. 

Last Saturday I was invited to Neutrogena's Beauty Hang Out with all the other fellow #neuwomen to celebrate Neutrogena's 60th Anniversary at The Canvas, Damansara Perdana. The place was well decorated with roses everywhere!

With my fellow bloggerbabes, Elvina, Bendan, and Jennifer. 


Have you tried Neutrogena products? 

It is the brand of health and beauty care solutions that has a long-standing heritage founded upon genuine relationships with dermatologist, skin experts and consumers and a passion for designing simple yet extraordinary, high quality products.  

Neutrogena makes a difference in people's lives by making real promises and delivering real results. The products are scientifically proven to really work even on skin problems in the most skin friendly way and effective in keeping your skin supple, radiant and healthy. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean 

The Deep Clean range cleans deep down into pores and effectively removes up to 99% of oil, dirt and deep-seated impurities for fresh clear skin every day. 

I especially love Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion (the white and blue bottle). I use it to remove my makeup and believe it or not, I'm already using the 5th bottle already!  I choose to go with milky based (lotion) because it works really well on my combination skin. I wear makeup almost everyday so it's very important to get all the shit out from my face thoroughly. Haha!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

The Hydro Boost range were clinically proven to continuously Replenish and Retain water all day long and help you to achieve 3 dimensions of ideal healthy skin - Hydrated, Luminous, and Bouncy. 

Neutrogena Fine Fairness

The Fine Fairness range are powered by HealthyWhite Complex with Photo-Lily Extract to help you revel long lasting translucent fairness.

Neutrogena Ageless

The Ageless range is the Complete Age-fighting Solution with Breakthrough Layer-by-Layer Technology acts to Renew top layer, Replenish middle layer and Repair bottom layer for firmer, youthful looking skin. 

Neutrogena Basic

These are the basic ranges from Neutrogena. All are scientifically proven to really work even on skin problems in the most skin friendly way.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer

They have came up with Sunblocks! They are exceptionally lightweight and protects the skn from intense and prolonged sun exposure for body and face. It's also a powerful shade for even most sensitive skin.


Other than beauty talk and sharing, we also get to see live demo by the experts. Not forgetting, manicure sessions too! 


And finally, as usual, with Sasha Angeline! Can's stop camhoring with this girl. 

Poking my butt butt :(

and we say "EMO FACE POSE!" lol

Anyway, it was a fun beauty hangout with all the girls. Thank you Neutrogena Malaysia for inviting and for all these star products. 

Also, don't forget to visit Neutrogena Malaysia FB for lots of giveaways! :

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Uke with me @ Desa Park City

Hello guys!

It's been a while since I last post about random personal stuffs. I miss crapping in my blogpost with all the lame lines. I was cleaning and sorting out photos and found out there's quite many 'leftover' nice pictures and I thought I should blog them away too! 

But before that, I'd love to share some of these pretty pictures taken most recently by boyfie himself when we visited a beautiful park called Desa Park City. Who knew there can be such quaint and peaceful place in a busy city like KL. It's my first time there eventhough I've heard of this place quite a while. 

I love this park, minus the mozzies and bugs and red ants and doggy poops. I brought along my new baby Ukulele too! It's such a great prop for this setting. I really want to bring along my Chelsea and Tiger after seeing so many cute dogs over there. One day, one day.

My hair is back to black but the color faded to dark brownish now, and I just had a haircut! Hair is shorter than before even-though some still think it's long. Nono, if you think my hair is still long here you obviously haven't seen my long hair before. Haha! 

I love this part of the park so much! Reminds me alot about Sekinchan or those paddy fields. I can't get enough of green pastures, really. They're just so natural and happy. 

Here's the funny thing. There's fishes and all down in the lake but all of them swim away when I sat down except for this little tortoise. He must be thinking that he's getting a shoe for dinner that night. 

All pictures taken by boyfie. He's so patient with me and fun to be with. Thankyou love! The only editing done to the pictures are 'resize' and 'auto enhance' photo. lol fml. I don't even have Photoshop installed in my PC. That's why a good camera is so important for me. :O 

Till then, xoxo!