Friday, April 18, 2014

The Launch of Kirin Ichiban by GAB

Last week on 9th April I was invited to the launch of Kirin Ichiban by Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) at a  Japanese-themed cultural festival at Zebra Square KL. 

You can guess it's a Japanese beer by it's theme! Dress code was semi-formal 'Japanese inspired', I really wanted to wear kimono! Last Halloween I actually planned to go as GEISHA! See how much I love kimonos and yukatas? 

The whole place was transformed into a Japan food street - there's sushi, mochi, tempura and lots of Kirin Ichiban, Japan's No.1 100% Malt beer. There's also grilled meat but I didn't get to try it! Too many people lined up for it lol. Mind you, there's over 400 guests that night. 

Before we enter the lounge, we were greeted by these guys hitting some Japanese drum or something? I searched up, if I'm not wrong it's Japanese Shumei Taiko drum! Dong dong dong! 

Here's the 100% malt beer Kirin Ichiban. I must say it has very crisp and rich taste that doesn't leave much after-taste because it's so pure! The Kirin Ichiban was brewed using the "First Press" method which only the finest ingredients are used. 

Pretty usherettes with the Kirin Ichiban

Kirin Ichiban beer

Guest of honors includes Makio Miyagawa Japan's Ambassador to Malaysia and Bruce Dallas GAB’s Marketing Director.

 Me and my fans! Hahaha, I realized this sentence has many meaning. 

I was busy nom-ing all the mochi that night. They taste so yumm! We're also entertained by performances that night which includes Yosakoi dance. I find their costume really amusing.  


With the girls. Heh heh. I bet you haven't try the Kirin Ichiban beer! The Kirin Ichiban is already available in more than 40 countries and it is an excellent companion for any type of cuisine. Go get it and try! I find it much less bitter, so if you're someone who can't stand much of bitterness or really like malt beer like me, then who knows this might be your favorite beer?

Kirin Ichiban is GAB’s first Japanese product in its portfolio and it is the company’s first new brand in five years. It's already available in the market! Beer bucket-list tonight?


Okay, so before leaving the place, take some pictures with the lighty background first. I love lights like this! You can see it from the way I light up my room. So in love with light bulbs lol. Btw, photos in this post are all taken by, he's turning into my personal photographer wtf. This boy is so into photography lately. Thankyou baby!

Ending this post with my humble #OOTD . Till then, xoxo! 

For more info, visit Kirin Ichiban's

Friday, April 11, 2014

We're at the bitch, beaches.

It's really embarrassing to give this post the title of  'CNY Day 1' because it's freaking April already, but there's too many memorable pictures that I must not let it to waste, so here you go. 

I really love the amount of sunlight my granny's place has. Everything look so vibrant and happy here. Oh, if you haven already know, this is my view when I look out from my grandma's house. Messy but perfect.

Red is a must. It's okay to be overwhelming, in my opinion. How many times can you do this in a year right? Heh, meet my sister too. Younger, if you must know. Believe me she's so much taller than me that sometimes people think she's the elder one. I really take that as a compliment.

Seremban kids knows what to do. Bitches be cray cray, ain't nobody got time to stay at granny's place the whole day. Our nearest entertainment hub will be the Port Dickson beach and Sepang Gold Coast. Since we've been to the latter for hundreds of times, so we chose to visit PD !

But first, let me take a selfie let us just have some coconut shake. Exactly like how it look, tasted heavenly. We also had some burgers. I really want to blog about this place because they serve good burgers, but if only burgers are my favourite food choice.

So we took a few steps ahead to the sparkly little beech after satisfying our hunger. I love the sand, but I always wonder why there must be sharp little durian lookalike thing everywhere in the sand poking my bare feet. 

Playing some Sony Nex 5T effects on me and my cousin.  

That's my photographer, always and forever. 

Oh my sunset ! 

Ending this post with a picture with my Chelsea baby. Be a good girl over there! xoxo

Monday, April 7, 2014

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes & Makeup Storage Hacks


Short and quick post here! Sorry that I haven't been updating much lately *inserts tired face*. But I'm back, I'm back! Hahaha. I just spent last two days cleaning my room (and basically everything) inside out because I finally have free time and I can't stand my dusty rabbit hole. Talk about OCD... hmm. 

Today just wanna share with you how I usually clean my makeup brushes, and how I store all my makeup in an inexpensive way! This was a impromptu post cause I thought I should just snap away and show you girls since I'm cleaning 'em gross brushes today. My camera is not with me and I couldn't be bothered so all pictures here taken with my faithful S4 phone camera. Excuse the noise. 

Source :

I store my synthetic makeup brushes in mason jars like this picture above. Mason jars are awesome. Yukiko and I bought lots of them for very affordable price since it's a big batch.

Now back to the topic, why do you need to clean your makeup brushes hmm? Cause it's dirty. No shit captain. But just in case you can't picture how dirty your brushes are...

Ohmygosh look at that. Even though the dirts are in pastel color but seriously, you won't want them back in your face every time you apply makeup. So wash 'em brushes, for hygiene purposes. 

  • There’s continuous build-up of make-up on brushes, the foundation brush being the worst .
  • Old make-up is still stuck in the brush & going back onto your skin - everyday.
  • Add to above mix dead skin cells, natural oils, dust and moisturizer = breeding ground for bacteria and a massive risk of breaking out.
  • Each time you dip contaminated brush back into you product, it deposits germs back into your product.
  • Good brushes need good care to extend their lifespan.

Don't go 'aint nobody got time for brush cleaning because even Michelle Phan cleans her brush every single day. The least you could do is clean your brushes once a month, or depending on how frequent you apply makeup. I'm trying to clean them once in two weeks. 

Antibacterial soap, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Towel

Of course, there are many ways to clean the brushes. Many places are also selling proper makeup brush shampoos but I'm definitely going to DIY because I don't find any reason to splurge. Furthermore, I can use the extra virgin olive oil for many other DIY projects! 


Sorry I don't have a proper picture so I'm using this again, hahaha. Just pour a 2:1 ratio of the antibacterial soap to extra virgin olive oil onto a plate, and swirl the brush (one by one) to combine the mixture. The soap will help to kill the bacteria and the olive oil helps to maintain the softness of the brush!

After that just rinse them under running water. I don't wet the entire brush stick but just the fury brush part because if not, the water might damage the glue holding the bristles. 

After that, before putting them on the towel, make sure you squeeze the excess water off first! See, so easy to have clean brushes right. 

Well well, now here's the tricky part. You can't just leave them dry like this because.... the water might flow back in the ferrule! You need to dry your brushes facing downwards.

Again, there are many ways you can do you dry your brushes facing downwards. Many makeup artists uses brush guards but I really don't know where to get them here in Malaysia. There are also many people who DIY brush guard using tissue paper, cellophane tape, and many more (really, search it up!). Couldn't be bothered about that, so..... 

I just poke those brush through a thin Styrofoam board and I attach two strings on it so it can hang. Lol. Unglam but ain't nobody got time to dry the brushes glamly. I'm such a genius. Muahahahahaha.

So there you go, wait for the brushes to dry overnight, and say yes to better and smoother makeup application after that! It's worth it. Now clean yours!


Okay, so another thing I wanna share with you girls is how I store my makeup products in a very very very inexpensive way. I want to get those metal makeup box but that can wait until there's a reason for me to splurge! 

If your makeup products are not a lot but not little, and you don't plan to bring all your makeup with you everywhere you go, you can always use a TOOLBOX. You know, like those fishing tool box? The box you put hammers and nails?


When I first heard this suggestion from bf I was like whaat noooo. But actually it's the best idea yet. Just choose a nicer design one, and you can always DIY the outer appearance of the box. 

It really helps to keep all my makeup in place. The box is only less than RM 15, get them at Jusco or something. loll. Quality wise, I've been using it for about a year already and it's not breaking apart. Haha! 

3 layer toolbox

I think I need to get a second toolbox because I have more new makeup products hiding in paperbags. Just cleaned all of them yesterday! What do you think ?

Hey, my 'short and quick post' wasn't that short after all. Anyway, hope this post helps! Hehe.